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Ribbon Daycare is rated OUTSTANDING by Ofsted after an inspection in September 2017.


Here at Ribbon Daycare we provide a natural, calming and stimulating environment to meet the individual needs off all children within our care. Our rooms are designed to spark imagination and enhance children's personal, social and emotional development. Practitioners are highly trained to support all children to understand the world around them and encourage them to use their creative skills to express themselves. 

Ribbon Daycare is situated within Ribbon Academy School. We are a Company Limited by Guarantee which means that any profit made is used to enhance our services by purchasing new resources, equipment and training staff members to enhance their current skills.  

We have 5 Directors who are ultimately responsible for the successful management of the company. We aim to provide the highest standard of care and early education by expert qualified staff in an exciting and stimulating environment. 


What our Directors say...

"As Directors we believe Ribbon Daycare provides a safe, secure, welcoming and happy environment, helping children attain their maximum potential"


What Ofsted said about Ribbon Daycare…
“Staff provide a highly stimulating environment indoors and outdoors, with excellent
activities to inspire and motivate children in their learning.”

“Staff use highly effective strategies to promote positive behaviour based on children’s
ages and stages of development.”

“Children establish extremely strong attachments with the staff, who are warmly
attentive and quickly respond to children’s needs. The exceptionally strong and secure
key-person system ensures that all children are emotionally well prepared to learn.”

What parents say about Ribbon Daycare…
“The nursery is amazing, I don’t know how I would manage without the staff, nothing is too much trouble they support you with any issue.”

“Staff always keep me informed of my child’s progress, I know that I will be welcomed at any time, it is a wonderful place.”



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