Acorn Room

0-2 years

Oak Room

2-3 years

Woodland Room

3-5 years

Prices & Sessions

Full Time Cost per Week

Monday to Friday 8.00am-5.30pm - This price includes all meals and snacks.


     Age 0-2 Years   -   £214

     Age 2-3 Years   -   £204

     Age 3-5 Years   -   £194


Per Day 

     Age 0-2 Years   -   £45

     Age 2-3 Years   -   £43

     Age 3-5 Years   -   £41                                           


Morning Session

Monday to Friday 8.00am-12.30pm -  This includes breakfast, mid-morning snack and a cooked lunch.

     Age 0-2 Years   -   £28.00

     Age 2-3 Years   -   £26.00

     Age 3-5 Years   -   £24.00


Afternoon Session

Monday to Friday 1.00pm-5.30pm This includes mid-afternoon snack and a light tea.


     Age 0-2 Years   -   £26.50

     Age 2-3 Years   -   £24.50

     Age 3-5 Years   -   £22.50


Nursery Wraparound Care

Please note these sessions are only available to those children who are eligible for nursery education. Please ask for further details.


    Breakfast Only (8.00am-9.00am) -  £5.50

    Breakfast (8.00am-8.45am), Lunch and pm (11.30am-5.30pm) - £33

    Lunch & pm (11.30am-5.30pm) - £27.50

    Lunch Session - £7

    3.30pm-5.30pm (Tea Session) - £9

    30-hour lunch - £2.10 



Booked places must be paid for whether or not your child attends nursery.


Your child will be entitled to a 50% reduction for holidays taken throughout the year. A maximum of two weeks a year may be taken by each child.  All other holidays will be charged at full price.

We offer a discount of 10% for families with more than one child attending the nursery, this will be deducted from the older sibling.


All fees are payable by the end of each month. £10 administration fee will be incurred for any late payments which are not cleared by the last day of each month.


One month’s written notice must be given for termination of your child's place or if you require any changes to your session times/days.


From January 2020, any new children registering with Daycare will be required to pay a deposit, equivalent to one of their sessions. This will then be deducted from their first bill once they have started.